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The workshop requires about 20 hours of presence and 5 to 20 of homework. Selected champions are expected to fully commit to the programme. Champions do not need any preparation before the workshop. Only coaches are briefed before the event by Marc Wilson, the founder of the Pre-Seed workshop which powers the bench2biz event.


During the workshop, champion participants benefit from fast-paced sessions run by one or two certified facilitators, guidance specifically adapted to their project and support from experts from various backgrounds. In addition, potential entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to build their network through interacting with the other young entrepreneurs, potentially future co-founders, peers and important business people which is useful in the long-run.


At the end of the workshop, the working results are presented in front of a panel of community experts, angels or venture capital experts who will provide feedback on the proposed business case. The workshop lead through significant thickening of the selected business ideas. Participants leave having the business elements of their new venture well-structured and are even better prepared to follow other heavier training programs.